Zenyatta Is Your Hero: Get the Most Out Her

Zenyatta is your hero! In a meta that is heavy on healers right now, Zenyatta stands out as a support hero who can both protect your weak friends and do a lot of damage from behind the lines. We are going to look at this hero’s skills and learn how to master the art of Zenyatta.

Zenyatta Is Your Hero: Mastering the Orbs

Zenyatta’s tools are all orbs, which give him unmatched flexibility in how he attacks and heals. Let’s look at his most important skills:

Zenyatta Is Your Hero: Orb of Peace

The Touch of Healing

In battle, Zenyatta can heal a partner within 40 metres with her Orb of Harmony. This magical orb floats over the person it’s aimed at and heals them continuously. But watch out—the orb will come back to you if your partner is out of sight for more than 3 seconds. It moves 120 metres per second and heals 30 health points every second. It also charges your final ability faster than you can say “Transcendence.”

Zenyatta Is Your Hero: The Orb of Discord

  • The Doomsday Mark

Zenyatta’s evil tool, the Orb of Discord, doesn’t heal; it makes pain worse. If you attach it to an enemy within 40 metres, their pain increases by 30%. This missile hits enemies and hurts them, but keep in mind that the orb will come back if your target hides for too long. The enemy can’t be protected by shields or walls when the Orb of Discord is around.

Zenyatta Is Your Hero: Oath of Orb

  • The Orb of Destruction
  • Power for Throwing

For something more magical, Zenyatta doesn’t use guns. Instead, she uses orbs of destruction. These straight missiles, which are fired at 80 metres per second, each do 46 HP damage. The really cool part is that when you connect an Orb of Discord to a target, it does 59.8 HP worth of damage. It’s important to be accurate, so make every shot count.

  • Orb Bounce
  • Let the Storm Out

Do you want to launch a devastating attack? Zenyatta can focus her energy and use an Orb Volley. This devastating move fires a bunch of orbs quickly one after the other. It shoots at a rate of 1.1 seconds per orb when it’s not charged, and 4 seconds per orb when it is fully charged. If you use it with an Orb of Discord, it can deal up to 299 HP worth of damage.

Zenyatta Is Your Hero: The Most Power

  • Going Beyond
  • Nirvana for Healing

Zenyatta’s ultimate attack, Transcendence, changes the course of the fight. When you use it, a 10-meter-wide healing aura appears around you and heals your friends for 300 HP every second. You can go 11 metres per second faster while in Transcendence, which lasts for 6 seconds. If you time it right, you can save your team from certain death. You only need 2062.5 points to use this power, which changes the game.

In conclusion

It takes work to get good at Zenyatta’s strengths. But once you do, you’ll be unbeatable on the battlefield. is one of the most powerful heroes in Overwatch because of the unique skills that let him heal friends or wreck enemies. So, grab those orbs, accept both the harmony and the discord, and let the repair go beyond this world!

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